Toben Kochman

Executive Chef / Owner

Executive Chef and Founder of “TFBD Catering”, has an impressive culinary history. By the age of seventeen he had already worked in numerous restaurants, which enabled him to meet the requirements for admission into the Cordon Bleu School of Culinary Arts in Paris. While there, he was awarded le Grand Diplome du Cordon Bleu for excellence in all aspects of the program. Following his formal education, Toben worked at the acclaimed two-star Michelin restaurant, Apiscius in Paris, where he was promoted to ‘Tourneau’ Chef de Cuisine. In December 2002, Toben returned to Toronto after being offered a job at the acclaimed Susur Restaurant, where he became one of the operating Sous Chefs and continued to develop his mastery of the culinary arts.

Elana Kochman


With a background in business, art (BFA) and psychology (BA), and a passion for fine food, Elana Kochman has been the right hand to her brother Toben since the company’s inception. From an early age and for many years Elana worked as a waitress in a number of Toronto’s fine dining establishments. Here was where she first honed her experience in leading teams of staff and providing a high level of customer service. Today Elana successfully leads her talented team of event management professionals while Toben guides his superb group of chefs. Elana plays a crucial role in menu & event development, lending her artistic flare to plating and event design. She is often termed the “mom” of the group as everyone turns to her for advice and guidance. Together the brother sister duo & their team pride themselves on creating dishes and providing customer service that is only of the highest caliber.



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Angela Grech

Executive Pastry Chef

Angela started out her career with North 44 as the assistant pastry chef. After honing her skills with the acclaimed restaurant she moved on to Auberge Gavroche where she became the head pastry chef. Working several years in the restaurants Angela took a leap of faith and opened her own wine bar/café. After several years of creating her own delicious pastries, Angela decided to sell her business to start a family. Returning to the culinary industry ten years later she joined the Toben Food by Design team as the head pastry chef.

Beth Groen

Senior Event Manager

Beth graduated with honors from Niagara College of Applied Arts and Designs, specializing in Tourism and Hotel/Restaurant Management. Immediately upon graduation Beth went on to work for one of the most prestigious hotel brands in North America, Fairmont Hotels and Resorts. After years of enhancing her customer relation skills by providing the highest quality service to her guests, Beth chose to leave the hotel aspect of the industry and focus on her main passion, Food and Beverage. Over the past five years Beth has been showcasing her hospitality background in the exciting field of event catering. Her strong desire to create lasting moments for all of her customers led her to Toben Food by Design as an Event Manager. The combination of their Five Star Quality Food being hosted at Five Star Quality Events made the fit perfect.



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Meagan Carder

Senior Event Manager

Meagan graduated from McMaster University with an Honours B.A in Communication Studies, after which she spent months travelling Europe, exploring her passion for world travel, culture, and great cuisine. She brings over 10 years of experience in the food and hospitality industry to the team, with a strong background in events and marketing developed while working for one of Canada’s leading restaurant corporations. Her operating philosophy is rooted in her belief that success is in the details, leading her to Toben Food by Design, where she found the perfect marriage between innovative fine food and customized event management. Meagan takes pride in her ability to build strong and lasting relationships with clients, ensuring every event is a tangible reflection of their vision.



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Kira-Simone Cundari

Event Manager

Kira graduated with honour’s from Seneca College, specializing in Corporate Media Production, where her love for events grew into a passion.  Following college, she received an Honours Communication Studies Degree for York University while taking on a manager role in the Food and Beverage industry.  After entering the corporate industry, her experience with operations and planning helped her in successfully executing many event projects with major corporate clients.  With a number of years in events and operations under her belt, she has also maintained a thirst for discovering diverse and innovative foods, which makes her a perfect fit for Toben Food by Design.  She is a driven and enthusiastic individual who strives to achieve only the best.  Kira firmly believes that hard work , a detailed eye and a satisfied client is the root to every successful event.



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Meg Levinson

Event Manager

Meg has an undergraduate degree in Media & Communication Studies and recently completed her postgraduate degree in Event Management from Humber College.  Having worked for some of Toronto’s most respected event planning companies, Meg has a keen eye for detail, extensive experience managing large projects and is fully committed to bringing a client’s vision to life.  Meg is a seasoned world traveller having called London, Cusco & Rio de Janeiro her short term homes-away-from-home.  After exploring entire countries and exotic cultures through food, Meg is thrilled to be part of the team here at Toben Food by Design.




Phone: 647-344-8323 x 228

Lekhena Peou

Event Manager

Lekhena graduated from Carleton University with an Honors B.A in Anthropology and a minor in International Development Studies leading her to work with some of Toronto’s most recognized children’s charities.  Having worked on various high profile fundraising events, her love of event management was sparked.  With her extensive travels to Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia and her culturally diverse upbringing, Lekhena is proud to call Toronto her home, where she continues to discover the city’s endless stream of restaurants, new and old.  Her attention to detail and ability to see the bigger picture combined with her passion for food, Lekhena brings to Toben Food by Design a keen sense of intuition for understanding and determining people’s tastes and cravings for any event.



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