Holiday Party

CIBC Mellon - 900x300

Theme Your Holiday Party

Add another element to you holiday party with a theme!  Our clients come up with some fantastic visions for their holiday parties and we get to use our creativity to try and match the food. This party was themed after the five tastes, sweet, sour, bitter, salty and umami.

Easy Bite, Room Temperature Items

These items are great for any party size but especially something large where you want to make sure your guests can grab those yummy nibbles whenever the mood strikes. This tantalizing treat is a Roasted Organic Beet spoon with fresh Orange, Goat Cheese, shaved Fennel and Toasted Nuts.

CIBC Mellon 2 - 600x300


CIBC Mellon 3 - 600x300

Delectable Desserts

No event is complete without some tasty sweets. Our pastry chef is busy in the kitchen creating these delights for our clients to enjoy. These s’more tartlets drizzled with dark chocolate are sure to hit the right spot.




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