Let me start by introducing myself, my name is Beth and I’m the senior event manager at Toben Food by Design. I have had the privilege of working for Toben for over two years now. I say privilege because he is such a master with creating amazing food that I don’t even really have to sell, it sells itself. This makes my job sooo much easier when everyone is already talking about the food and most have been at an event that we have catered. I’ve been in the catering business for about five years now, working for another caterer for the first two. I can’t say how happy I am now that I’m working with someone who actually creates his own dishes from scratch. Toben and his handpicked team of chefs are in the kitchen every day making sauces, dips, marinades and hand prepping for all of the upcoming events. He uses all local and seasonal products and nothing ever goes to waste. I’m lucky to have found such an amazing company that keeps growing at a crazy rate and am looking forward to the years ahead.

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