Three To Be – Robotica


Charity Gala’s

Since the inception of Toben Food by Design we have been working with various charities and foundations around the city. One of the foundations that we hold close to our heart is the Three To Be foundation that supports children’s Neurological Disorders. We have been catering their annual gala since the foundation was formed.


Soup Course

This year the theme for Three To Be was Robotica. Everything in the space was futuristic which of course needed to be translated into the food as well. Toben and Elana got creative and came up with some amazing food stations that mimicked a five course meal. We started out with a spectrum of soup shooters to warm some bellies on a chilly day.


Salad Course

What’s a five course dinner without a new take on salad. Pictured is a sampler fork with Roasted Organic Beets topped with Pistachio crusted Goat Cheese.


Main Course

We miniturized the main dish to allow guests to easily roam around the room while eating. Beside is a Soy Honey Marniated Flank Steak on a potato chive croquette and topped with a heirloom carrot and cabbage slaw.



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